LEGO Technic provides a real challenge for experienced LEGO builders.

With LEGO Technic elements, your child can build advanced, real-life functions like gearboxes.
As well as working piston engines, steering systems and working crane arms.
These exciting sets will take their imaginations to the next level.

For instance the LEGO TECHNIC™ Liebherr R 9800 Excavator.
A colossal LEGO build and play experience with the 4108 piece LEGO Technic™ Liebherr R 9800 Excavator.
This replica model is operated via the intuitive LEGO TECHNIC CONTROL+ app.
Also powered by 2 advanced Smart Hubs with 7 motors.
The sophisticated app technology enables super-precise movement and amazing functionality.
While delivering endless authentic digital play combinations via 4 different control screens with cool graphics.
The Multi-function control screen enables users to drive the machine in all directions and rotate the superstructure.
As well as extend and raise the boom, open and tilt the bucket, play realistic sound effects and get real-time feedback.
Including boom position, power usage and drive distance.
With the One-touch screen, users can use drag patterns to control the boom, arm and bucket.
While the Custom-built movements screen enables them to choose pre-set commands or record the model’s actions to create complex sequences of movements. And, with the Challenges & achievements screen, users can complete challenges to unlock reward badges.

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