Where LEGO® dreams are made!
LEGO® Ideas building sets are created by LEGO fans and voted for by LEGO fans.
Inspired by everyday life, historic moments, popular culture or totally original ideas, there is a huge variety of exciting model kits for play and display.

It’s a LEGO universe of creative fun and infinite brick-built possibilities with exciting gift ideas for all ages.

How does it work?
If you are over 13 years old then LEGO Ideas is where you can find thousands of fun LEGO ideas that could become real LEGO products in the future. They have been designed by LEGO fans from all over the world and include lots of amazing models like vehicles, futuristic space stations and well-known scenes from famous movies. Flip through all the awesome models,and if you are 13 years old (and over) you can vote for your favorite ones. If an idea gets 10,000 votes within a certain amount of time, it will be judged by a LEGO review panel and could become a real product that you will find in your local LEGO store. There are already lots great ideas that have become LEGO Ideas products, so why not help us find the next one!

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