Get ready for LEGO DOTS.

Welcome to DOTS!

Jump into a colorful world full of creativity and fun with LEGO® DOTS sets! Kids can explore different ways to express themselves with bracelets or room décor items that they can assemble, design and decorate again and again. There are no rules with these sets, just blank canvases, colorful tiles and a child’s imagination. Arts and crafts lovers can dive in and create something new on the go, then re-design it any time.

A fun new way for kids to express themselves! Cool, quirky and bursting with personality, LEGO DOTS is ready for kids who love craft making and DIY projects.

Dots gives kids a canvas to be bold and never stop creating. They can design fun and funky bracelets that show their personality or create customized home décor items like pencil holders and picture frames, all using colorful designs and unique decorated tiles.

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